Legends of Sant Guillem

  • 28 April a 2016
Legends of Sant Guillem

Legends of Llívia


Guillem Llivia (County of Tolosa S. XI. - Santiago de Alf, near Llívia, s XI) is a character such legendary, according to tradition Alf died in Santiago, near Llívia. He is revered as a saint locally.

Legend has it that William was a priest or a student from Toulouse, he went on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in the eleventh century. He became ill when going through Isòvol and, feeling die, she asked for a chapel dedicated to St. James the Greater; went to the chapel of a but was dedicated, Santiago de Alf (old village at the currently Mas Revell, between All and Olopte populations) and, after praying to him, where he died.

He was buried in the cemetery and, after a while, a glow shone over his grave; a blind woman who had had entrusted him the saint and had received his sight. He explained and, then, two nobles of Llívia secretly moved his remains to the meadow of Llivia, where the church, today hermitage of San Guillermo de la Prada, of great devotion in the region was built in his memory. The head of the saint was in Santiago de Alf. We must say that Santiago de Alf was the chapel of the village of Alf, it was located near the chapel of Santa Maria de Cuadros, "domus hospitalis" Camino de Santiago de la Cerdanya. Currently the village of Alf and chapel have disappeared, it is for this reason that usually confused with Alf Alp.

His legend was confused with St. William of Vercelli, real san also held in June and other saints of the same name, and mixed. According to these versions, Guillermo retired, in the eighth century, to make hermit life in the Canigó, and taming a ferocious dragon that lived, corresponding to San Guillermo the Great tradition.

Cinto Verdaguer collected the original legend Guillermo San Guillermo Rondalla in Llivia; It is this legend, the pilgrim saint, which is also on the joys of the saint, but the engraving gets is usually that of a bishop, as befits the Italian saint. He is revered as the patron saint of Llívia, with festivities on the third Sunday of June.

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